KLAS TV Account Executive Joe Pedri and Shafik Hirji Have Bankruptcy Issues in Common

A closer look at backgrounds between these two individuals show that the operator of multiple straw businesses and convicted felon, Shafik Hirji, and KLAS TV advertising sales account executive Joe Pedri both share having to have dealt with bankruptcies in their past.

Both were involved in Chapter 7 bankruptcies — Shafik Hirji in California and Joe Pedri in Nevada.

In fact, Shafik Hirji also was convicted of fraud related to a bankruptcy case, which is a felony conviction. See my post on this at shafikhirji.com.

And then there’s my favorite — check out this line item on Joe Pedri’s bankruptcy filing regarding Victoria’s Secret, who was stiffed for $173.00:

I’ll say it again, “Say it ain’t so, Joe!”

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