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I was taken by Shafik Hirji to KLAS TV studios at Channel 8 Drive in Las Vegas, Nevada. I was shown the Green Room and walked onto the set of Las Vegas now.

I had a specific prior meeting and conversation with the sales account executive, Joe Pedri, and asked him about the I-Team reports on Shafik Hirji and if he knew about them.

I had two subsequent conversations with Joe where he obviously was more interested in commissions than telling the truth. When in fact he said they had not received payment from Shafik Hirji when they actually had. I have check No. 5004 from Wells Fargo Bank for $9,540 in payment to KLAS; check No. 5030 for $10,000 and check No. 5031 for $1,525 all made out to KLAS as evidence of those payments.

Joe Pedri outright lied to my face and in two subsequent phone conversations, the transcripts of which will be posted in the near future.

Seeing is believing. I was at the station and took the following photos:

On the set of Las Vegas Now.